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The best keyboards of 2019: top 10 keyboards

If your keyboard is commencing to show its age, aggregation dirt and searching like one thing from a horror film, you would possibly need to accept studying one in all the most effective keyboards. albeit you do not have a keyboard that’s on its last leg, the advantages to comfort, speed and responsibility you gain with one in all the highest keyboards simply pays for the value of admission.
Believe America once you say that after you employ one in all these keyboards, there’s no going back. in spite of if you’re writing up a composition, chatting with friends or perhaps taking part in games, the most effective keyboards will create a life most easier. And, the most effective keyboards aren’t all concerning obtaining work done: the most effective gambling keyboards will create your off time higher, too.

If you’re on the marketplace for the most effective keyboard for work, play or one thing else entirely, you’re within the right place. And, you won’t get to worry concerning breaking open the piggy bank: not solely do several of the most effective keyboards rank worthhowever, we’ve conjointly enclosed our worth comparison tool, thus you'll be able to notice the most effective deal. So, here are the most effective keyboards we’ve tested and reviewed over the last year.

Roccat Vulcan a hundred and twenty Aimo

1. Roccat Vulcan a hundred and twenty Aimo
The keyboard from the longer term

Interface: Wired | Keyboard backlighting: affirmative | Switches: Roccat Titan Switches

lovely style nice for gambling and typewriting expensive 
It has become the norm for keyboard makers to implement their own custom keyboard switches, and Roccat – with the Vulcan a hundred and twenty Aimo – is not any completely differentwhereas this keyboard is primarily marketed as a gambling keyboard, its Titan Switches are tactile enough to be satisfying, whereas still bouncing back quickly enough to be snug to sort on for extended periods. And, we’d be negligent to not mention the appearance – the Vulcan a hundred and twenty Aimo appears like a phantasy keyboard, we love it.

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2. Corsair K83 Wireless recreation Keyboard

Interface: Bluetooth | Keyboard backlighting: affirmative | Switches: Corsair Ultra-low Profile cut

Keys feel greatSturdy and portable small trackpad
If you have got a home theatre computeryou would possibly be annoyed by the shortage of keyboards that expressly charm to your use case. Luckily, there’s a keyboard for you – the Corsair K83 Wireless could be a fantastic entertainment-focused keyboard. Not solely is it light-weight and moveable, it conjointly incorporates a bevvy of recreation functions that’ll create life easier in your front room. And, with its wealth of property choicestogether with Bluetooth and a couple of.4GHz wireless through an electronic deviceyou'll be able to use it with many various platforms. However, it’s not nice at gamblingthus keep that in mind. 

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3. Topre Realforce 104UBS Silent variable

Interface: Wired | Switches: Topre static electrical phenomenon suppressed (30, forty-five and fifty grams)

Smooth typewriting actionVery quietTyping will feel 'sandy'Expensive
As long as you don’t mind missing out on a number of that signature ‘thock’ sound that’s related to regular Realforce keyboards, choosing a suppressed model just like the 104 UBS offers some solid edgesstriking the 104 UBS’s keys produces sound on par with a membrane keyboard, thus it’s progressing to be nice if you're employed in a very busy workplace or a shared bedchamber. The ‘dampened’ feel of Topre’s suppressed switches will feel reasonably like typewriting on sandpaper compared to a non-silenced board, however, we have a tendency to found that it’s definitely worth the trade-off if you would like a quieter keyboard. 

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4. Filco Majestouch-2 Tenkeyless

Interface: Wired | Switches: Cherry maxwell (Brown, Blue, Black, Red)
Solid build qualityCompactNo media functions
Filco's keyboards tend to be designed like tanks, and therefore the Majestouch TKL is not any completely different. This house-saving mechanical keyboard options a compact tenkeyless style that has but 1cm of space between the sting of the keys and therefore the keyboard. Its sturdiness does not merely permit it to face up well to knocks and scrapes – it's a positive impact on its typewriting feel too. you'll be able to hammer away on that at speed, even bottoming dead set your heart's content, and therefore the Majestouch a pair of can take equally of penalization.

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5. Logitech Craft

Interface: Wireless | Switches: cut switch mechanism

Weighty, solid construction helpful and distinctive dial expensive 
We’ve seen every kind of keyboards over the years here at TechRadar, from trendy tenkeyless keyboards to RGB-laden gambling behemoths, however, one thing has invariably been missing – a spotlight on creatives. Thankfully, with the Logitech Craft, this can be not the case. Not solely is that this a durable, tactile and engaging keyboard, however, it conjointly options a novel dial on its high left corner, which can facilitate creatives expedite their progress. This dial’s utility can vary counting on the appliance, from merely dominant the quantity on the desktop to dynamical levels in numerous tools in Photoshop. If you pay heaps of your time making content on your computer, the Logitech Craft is one in all the most effective keyboards you'll be able to purchase these days.

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5. PFU Happy Hacking skilled a pair of (HHKB2)
A coder's dream and typist's treasure

Interface: Wired | Switches: Topre static electrical phenomenon (45 grams)

Incredibly portableLightweightKey layout not for everyone
No arrow keys
The PFU Happy Hacking skilled a pair of has somewhat of a cult following within the keyboard scene, and it’s not laborious to check why. This keyboard is geared toward coders, however, it’s fantastic for all you writers out there, too. It forgoes ancient arrow keys, instead of creating use of performing keys and key combos to urge that stuff done. it'll take a second to urge accustomedhowever, once you get that out of the means the little size could be immense profit, as you’ll be ready to take it anyplace you go. Plus, that sweet ‘thock’ sound of the Topre switches could be a surprise to see.

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6. Microsoft fashionable Keyboard with Fingerprint ID

Beauty meets security

Interface: Bluetooth | Keyboard backlighting: No

Flawless style fingerprint scanner expensive 

You just ought to investigate Microsoft’s Surface devices to grasp that they’re reasonably killing it once it involves styleand therefore the Microsoft fashionable Keyboard with Fingerprint ID takes things to an entirely new level. If you’re running Windows ten, and you’re into the Surface aesthetic, this can be simply one in all the most effective keyboards out there. Not solely will it feel nicehowever, it conjointly options biometric security, by together with a separate fingerprint scanner right next to the “Alt” key. it's a rich device, however like everything Microsoft, you'll be able to make sure you’re obtaining what you’re paying for.

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7. Leopold Fc660c
Has simply enough keys to be helpful

Interface: Wired | Switches: Topre static electrical phenomenon (45 grams)

Compact, however with arrow keysSatisfying typewriting feel heavier than HHKB2
Leopold's Fc660c is a lot of moveable than the Realforce 87u, however less thus than the lighter and a lot of compact HHKB2. However, the Fc660c edges from its further heft and looks like a lot of solid board. Despite having a similar forty-five gram exploit force because of the HHKB2, Leopold's keys feel slightly weightier - somewhere nearer to fifty grams. It results in one in all the foremost satisfying "thock" sounds on a Topre board.

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8. Unicomp Classic 104
The ultimate keyboard for typewriting longing

Interface: Wired | Switches: Buckling spring

Snappy buckling spring switchRetro design result in tired fingers big and ponderous
Remember those recent IBM Model M keyboards? Well, that’s what the Unicomp Classic 104 seeks to emulate. on the market in each USB and PS/2 versions, it uses a buckling spring switch that takes a lot of effort to press than simply concerning each different fashionable switch. You’re rewarded for this tough pressing with a tactile response that looks like the classic mechanical keyboards of recentbeside a noise which will drive everybody around you mad. 

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Best keyboard

9. Das Keyboard Prime thirteen
Mixing minimalistic vogue with premium quality

Interface: Wired | Keyboard backlighting: White | Switch type: Cherry maxwell Red or Brown switches

Cherry maxwell switchesSolid, minimalistic designPriceyNo volume rocker
Some keyboards simply ooze categoryand therefore the Das Keyboard Prime thirteen is one in all them. Its options a solid Al high panel for extra rigidity and an awfully minimalistic look. With Cherry's maxwell Red or Brown switches beneath the keycaps, you are given a selection between linear and non-linear offerings with a variety of exploit points.

It's a nice choice for media enthusiasts due to facet lit media management and therefore the inclusion of white backlighting is another bonus. it is not the foremost cheap keyboard on our list, however, if you are looking, for one thing, a bit a lot of premium, Das is that the thanks to going.

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Logitech K780

10. Logitech K780
A great choice for mobile device homeowners

Interface: Wired | Keyboard backlighting: No

Pairs to a few devicesCradle hold smartphones and tablets, instead of reversible battery
With its latest keyboard, Logitech is targeting smartphone and pill homeowners preferring to use their device whereas Sat at a table. And, if you were a follower of the precursor, the K380, the Logitech K780 ought to be right up your alley, particularly with its extra range pad. This keyboard still has the power to combine with 3 devices exploitation Bluetooth or wireless, thus you'll be able to swap between all of your gadgets on the fly. And, due to its snug rounded keycaps, it’s still a pleasure to sort on. The keyboard’s base is that the star of the show, however, because it will hold mobile devices up to eleven.3mm thick in Associate in Nursing upright position. This places them at intervals arms’ reach to create something from replying to WhatsApp messages or reading a digital magazine easier than ever. 

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